Dear April 3, 2017

There are 10 things I want to tell you:

1. You caught me by surprise. It was something I didn’t and would have never imagined; yet it happened. Oh yeah, life really happened. And sometimes, it takes you to detours.

2. I love detours. Detours are blessings. It is God telling me, “My daughter, my princess, you are yet to experience a redirection.”

3. But what’s scary about redirection is the fact that before God will lead you to a new path, you will have to be broken first. He will make us hungry before He feeds us. He will strip us out before He can cloth us. He makes nothing of you before He makes something of you. Before redirection is a painful rejection.

4. Pain is uncomfortable. It makes us limp along, it gets our heart broken, and sometimes, it makes us wonder if we will ever make it to the other side of the bed. But God Himself knows pain. He knows what it is to have His heart broken. When God gave us the will to decide how we would respond to His love, He opened His heart to profound heartache.

5. God heals all the broken in heart. He gives a helping hand; a loving embrace. Then, all the tears and sorrows will be gone. There will be no more nightly crying until you put yourself to sleep. And then just as always, there will just be you and Him.

6. Please remember that your worth is only found in Him. That at the end of the day, no matter how big time you messed up and for so many times, He will always fixed His eyes on you. You will always be His beloved Child. While there will never be you and that some constant guy again, there will always be you and God . You can always have that lasting relationship with Him. And I hope you choose that today.

7. It is only when you begin a genuine relationship with Christ that you will really learn how to love. And I want you to know that we only learn how to love because He first loved us.

8. I am not falling in love. And I won’t. I am learning in love. I am learning that love is long suffering. Love is kind. It always rejoices in the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love NEVER FAILS.

9. I may have failed to imagine that where I am right now is actually happening (promise!) and may have failed to understand how He works between the two of us, (did I just say us?) but sure enough, He has His best plans in mind. I trust Him. After all, His timing and His perfect will will never fail me, nor him. I hope that, you too will entrust your heart to the Greatest Lover of all time, please.

10. Today, I will begin to faithfully talk to God about you. I pray you make me and everybody else your second choice. I pray you never make me or anyone your first person. I am not the right one, and perhaps not anyone is. God alone, He will always be your right One. I hope you always run to the One whose love never runs dry. I pray you always go to the One whose love and grace will always be unfailing. I want you to be of good cheer and trust that in His time, this shall all come to pass.




Thoughts on Turning Twenties (and Plus Plus)


Let GOD.

God has gotten me through some extremely hard times in my life now. He has taken me on to several valleys where I have gained a deeper understanding of who I am without Him. I am beyond blessed to have known God and the price He has paid for me. God has given me an unbelievable zest for life and He’s given me the desire for everyone to experience that feeling. It’s an unfathomable amount of real joy and happiness.

He’s taught me my fair share of life’s greatest lessons through some tough situations.

These years can be the most challenging years of my life. But they can also be the best. While I may wonder and wander to and fro, juggle things on my still fragile hands, I need not to have it all figured out; because I know He holds my tomorrow.

When you’re on your twenties, God will make you reflect that “Your worth does not come from others’ opinions of you.” We naturally want to feel loved and accepted. We struggle for self-image, for people’s praises and when we fail, it becomes a tough pill to swallow. But when we choose to follow God, our desire to be a “people pleaser” slowly subsides until we learn to die for Him daily. Then, we start living according to who God wanted us to be, as opposed to whom this world wants us to be. But people will always be quick to judge without looking at themselves first. And while we cannot do anything with that, we can rest assured on His promise that God thinks the absolute world of us (after all, He sent His only begotten Son for you). Thus, He is the only one whom we ought to impress. While you may still struggle with caring about what others think, think about the lengths God has done for you. Then those insecurities will seem to pale in comparison.

1 Samuel 16:7  (KJV)

 But the Lord said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.

Being on twenties, you’ll realize that “you don’t always get what you want.”

And it’s okay. And certainly that’s not a bad thing.

Jeremiah 29:11 (KJV)

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

God doesn’t promise a lifetime free of pain and suffering, but He does offer us not only His best plan for us as individuals, but eternal life. If you know God and His desires for you, you know they don’t always match up with the temporary desires you may have. Many times I would ask myself “Why did this happen?” or “Why didn’t this work out?” Then I am reminded God has His very best in store for me. That’s what gives me hope to keep on keeping on.

Your twenties would mean “allowing more for God to break you immensely.”

Spurgeon is at his best in the following quote. He speaks about the way in which God likes to bring people to the very end of themselves before taking a hold of them and using them for his glory:

“Is it not a curious thing that whenever God means to make a man great, He always first breaks him in pieces? There was a man whom the Lord meant to make into a prince. How did He do it? Why, He met him one night and wrestled with him! You always hear about Jacob’s wrestling. Well, I dare say he did, but it was not Jacob who was the principal wrestler—“There wrestled a man with Him until the breaking of the day.” God touched the hollow of Jacob’s thigh and put it out of joint before He called him “Israel,” that is, “a Prince of God.” The wrestling was to take all his strength out of him and when his strength was gone, and then God called him a prince. Now, David was to be king over all Israel. What was the way to Jerusalem for David? What was the way to the throne? Well, it was round by the cave of Adullam. He must go there and be an outlaw and an outcast, for that was the way by which he would be made king. Have none of you ever noticed, in your own lives, that whenever God is going to give you an enlargement and bring you out to a larger sphere of service, or a higher platform of spiritual life, you always get thrown down? That is His usual way of working! He makes you hungry before He feeds you! He strips you before He robes you! He makes nothing of you before He makes something of you! This was the way with David. He is to be king in Jerusalem, but He must go to the throne by the way of the cave.”

When you’re on your twenties, God is making a “man” out of you now. God will break you. Immensely. He’ll dig us out- like an old ditch – you cannot hold any more – and God is digging us out to make room for more Grace. That spade will cut sharply and dig up sod after sod, and throw it to one side. The very thing you would like to keep shall be cast away and you shall be hollowed out, and dug out, that the word of Elisha may be fulfilled,

2 Kings 3: 16-17 (KJV)

“And he said, Thus saith the Lord, Make this valley full of ditches

17 For thus saith the Lord, Ye shall not see wind, neither shall ye see rain; yet that valley shall be filled with water…”

We are to be broken my dear twenties friends. But whenever God breaks our hearts, He’ll do the mending. After all, whatever God breaks, He multiplies.

So, how has God changed you?

To my twenties friends, this is for the best people we will ever be through Him.


Your friend,


Faith Within Me

You may write me down in history with your bitter twisted lies…

You may trod me in the very dirt, BUT still like dust I will rise…

You may shoot me with your words…

You may cut me with your eyes…

You may kill me with your hatefulness…

But Still, like air …

I will RISE! #

It Ends Today!



These words are obviously for you,
‘coz there’s no other one to say it to.
And nobody else would understand what I’ll say,
Except for you. It ends today.

No more nightly crying ’til I sleep,
No more saying “OK” & just biting my lip.
I won’t think that it’ll work anymore,
‘coz I tried to, a four score or more.

Now you would say that it’s all so sudden,
And say that I’ve easily forgotten
All the times we’ve been together, happy or sad,
But as far as I can remember, they’ve ALL been bad.

So now, I’m leaving..I give up.
You pushed me to the edge, & now I’ve dropped.
Yes, my heart’s shattered, that’s easy to say,
I’ve loved you so much but you never gave anything back,
Hence these final words I’ll whisper behind your back…
It ends today.



That Thing Called “Life”

Bakit ang sugat ay ating hinihipan
Gayong wala namang gamot galing sa lalamunan?
Hindi naman nito tinataboy ang hapdi
Pansamantala lamang na ito'y pinapawi.

Marahil ayaw talaga nating mawala ang sakit
Para masubok ang tatag ng ating kapit
Sa mga bagay na nagdudulot ng kirot
Na hindi basta-basta madadala sa gamot

Kaya nga siguro hinihipan ang sugat
Ay upang makaalalang may panandaliang peklat
Na siyang hihilom sa dugo at pait
At hindi sa mismong hiwang nagdudulot ng sakit.

Hipan mo man o hindi iyang galos,
Iya'y gagaling kahit 'di padalus-dalos.
Sa buhay nating hitik sa problema,
Kaunting ihip lang, ito ri'y giginhawa.

Kaya kapit lang ha? :-) Tiwala lang. 


John 16:33

images.jpgThere you go – struggling and battling. Feel like giving up because things are falling apart. Have troubled mind and seems like losing hope.

Nah. God overcome the world. Who are you to say you cannot surpass whatever it is that you are going through now? Our struggles and pains are nothing compared to what He had to overcome in order for us to live a life that’s full of grace. And only by Grace, you can believe that the current pressures you are feeling will pass. Your pain and sufferings will surely end and everything will fall in its proper place.

Here’s to keep your mind at peace: Be of good cheer. Take heart, you are an overcomer! 🙂


360 Degrees


Life does not always move in straight lines. Sometimes it moves in lazy detours; sometimes it loses traction and skids sideways, and sometimes it loops back on itself in ways that are confusing and maddening. Sometimes I don’t feel like I’ve gotten anywhere; I’m still the same scared kid I was at 16, spinning my wheels and praying for something, anything – except now I have the added burden of feeling like I’m running out of time. I still have so much to do and, frustratingly, I’m not sure I’m much closer to knowing how to do it. Six months ago I thought I knew; six months from now, I might feel that way again.

But whatever, life goes on. Embrace challenges. Get used to change! 🙂

After all, He’s got my back.